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Rockin' D On The Ridge

1/4 Angus Beef Pre-Order for Summer Harvest DEPOSIT Only

1/4 Angus Beef Pre-Order for Summer Harvest DEPOSIT Only

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Price is for DEPOSIT ONLY! 

How is beef priced?   

Our beef is priced day of slaughter based off the USDA Choice Box rate plus quality premiums.  The weight charged for beef is hanging weight, which is the animal minus head, entrails and hide.  Our spring beef grade choice plus or prime and are Certified Angus Beef.  You won't have to worry about quality.  All processing is included in your final invoice.  Shipping fees will be added to that rate and you'll pay your final invoice per pound of beef minus your deposit.

How much will I end up spending on 1/4 beef?

The fall beef price was $4.62 per pound hanging weight.  Spring beef is generally a little leaner than Fall beef.  The high price for the year is in the spring.  Our best guess looking at market trends is around $5 per pound.  Take home average price in the fall was $5.33 per meat weight with a 63% cutout.  Meaning that 63% of the harvested animal hang weight was viable meat. 

We will contact you regarding your preferred cuts.  Please call the office at 217-659-7832 for assistance with your cuts if you're unsure.  We will email you a cut sheet to fill out that has choices like steak thickness, roast weight and how many cuts you would like vs just ground beef.  If you want to grind your whole beef and are not interested in whole carcass usage and getting many different cuts, it is more cost effective to purchase ground beef bundles.

Our 1/4 Angus beef package is the perfect solution for those looking to stock up on high-quality, premium beef. 1/4 a side of Beef will have roughly 150 lbs of processed meat, this package includes a variety of cuts from an entire Angus cow, providing a diverse selection of meat for all your cooking needs. You will receive a mix of steaks, roasts, ground beef, and other cuts, all carefully selected and packaged to ensure the highest quality.

Steaks are standard cut bone out at ⅞” thickness for Sirloin and New York Strips and 1” thickness for Filet and Ribeye.  Ribeye sandwich slices are slices at ⅜” thickness.  Roasts are standard cut between 2-3 lbs.  Bone In cuts are available on pre-order beef ONLY

What's Included? (estimate based on 1/4 of 700 lb carcass weight)

Premium Steaks:

  • 2 packages (2- 6 oz.) Filet Steak*
  • 4 packages (2 - 10 oz.) NY Strip Steak*
    • 3 packages (2 - 12 oz.) Ribeye Steak (bone-in or bone-out and choose your thickness.  Thicker steaks will yield less steaks overall.)
    • 2 Sirloin Tip Steaks
    • 2 Sirloin Steaks
    • 2 Flank Steaks
    • *can substitute Loin cuts NY Strip and Filet Steaks for T-Bones

    Comfort Cuts

    • 3 (2.5-3.5 lbs.) Chuck Roast
    • 1 (2-3 lb.) Rump Roast
    • 2 (1 lb. ) Stew Meat
    • 4 packages (2 - ½ lb) Cube Steaks
    • 4 packages Soup Bones

    Ground Beef

    • 45 (1 lb. pkgs.) Ground Beef (can substitute for 3 or 5 lb packages)
    • 15 (4 - 4 oz./1/4 lb packages) Ground Beef Patties (substitute 1/3lb patties available.)

    When will my meat be ready?

    We have harvest dates in April and May.  From those dates, we will have dry aging time for around 21 days, then processing begins.  After processing, the meat is packaged and blast frozen to maintain quality.  At this point, we retrieve your meat from Harvester Meat Company for delivery to your home or pick-up at our farm. If you require shipping, add shipping time.  We only ship on Mondays and Tuesdays for quality assurance.


    Heart, Liver Tongue and OxTail added at request.

    You'll get to enjoy a little bit of everything with this 1/4 beef. Check this out...

    We've included a variety of our top-selling bone out steaks and juicy, flavorful roasts and 1/4 pound burgers that are perfect for the grill.

    We've added stew meat and more ground beef so you can stock the freezer for chili, tacos, burgers, casseroles and more. If comfort foods are more your style you'll be set with hearty roasts and stew.

    Rockin' D On The Ridge 1/4th Beef Bundle is perfect for individuals or small families who need help meal planning or are serious about eating nutrient dense beef throughout the week.

    Our animals are raised with great care on healthy soils that have been built over decades. If you're looking to stock up the 1/4 Beef Bundle is your best bet.

    Lastly, for added convenience, we can even SHIP this customer favorite directly to your front door.


    On Pre-Orders ONLY for 1/4 beef or more, add heart, short ribs, tongue, soup bones, tail, tripe and/or liver.  Sub in T-Bones for New York Strip and Filets for great flavor!  

    3-6 boxes to ship UPS home delivery or air cargo.  Generally around $300-400 per shipment cost.  Air cargo is more reliable and generally lower cost, but you have to pick up your meat at air cargo instead of having home delivery.

    Available ONLY ON 1/2 BEEF: tri-tip, bone-in ribeyes, tomahawk ribeyes, flank steak, brisket and more available cuts on a 1/2 beef vs 1/4 beef.


    Please call our office at 217-659-7832 if you have any questions or concerns.

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    How much meat can I expect to get?

    The average ready-to-butcher Angus cow weighs 1,150 pounds. This can vary a lot, depending on breed, finishing and management of the producer marketing the animal.

    Once the animal is butchered and hide, head and internal organs removed, it usually weighs about 62 percent of the live weight. This is called the hanging weight. On that 1,150 pound animal that would be about 713 pounds.

    Most producers figure the quarter/half/whole price based on the hanging weight.

    After the beef hangs and ages for two to three weeks, which tenderizes and develops flavor in the meat (and also shrinks a little as some of the water evaporates) the carcass is broken down further, and excess bone, connective tissue and fat is removed.

    About 21 percent of the hanging weight is removed in this process, leaving about 563 pounds of edible meat from a whole animal.

    So, if you pay (for example) $3.25 a pound, figured on hanging weight, the actual price per pound will be about $4.35, if it processes according to the averages. Most custom meat processors charge from $.90 to $1.20 per pound, hanging weight, to process, so you’ll be looking at about $5.12 total, per pound for processed beef.

    Keep in mind that includes all steaks, hamburger, roasts, ribs, etc.

    How much of that will be hamburger?

    How much hamburger you get depends somewhat on how you order it. Hamburger comes from the parts of the animal that are too tough or difficult to cook, or are too small to cook as steaks or roasts. If you don’t cook roasts or flat iron steaks, for example, you can ask to have those ground. If you don’t ask for any special cuts, on average, about 38 percent of the edible portion of the animal will be ground into hamburger. So on our average 637-pound animal, you’d expect about 242 pounds of hamburger.

    Can I buy just hamburger?

    Maybe. Some people may be selling animals that are older and less tender than a typical butcher animal, and may be most suitable for hamburger, rather than cutting into steaks and roasts. In that case, unless they’re labeled for resale, those animals would need to be sold by the half or quarter as well.

    What is “hanging weight”?

    Hanging weight is how much the carcass weighs after it’s skinned and the head and internal organs are removed. This is usually about 62 percent of the live weight of the animal, and what most private beef sellers base their per-pound cost on.

    The butcher shop wants “cutting orders.” What does that mean?

    “Cutting orders” are how you want your meat cut and packaged. This includes how much fat you want in your burger (standard is usually 85% lean), how thick you want your steaks, how much hamburger you want in a package (usually 1-2 pounds) how many steaks per package, whether you want round steaks tenderized, cubed or left alone, what size you want the roasts, whether you want the ribeye as steaks or roasts. There are a lot of questions, and many processors have a “cut sheet” they ask the customer to fill out in person, or over the phone. You can also decide if you want the organ meats, like the liver, heart and tongue, plus soup bones, ox tail and tallow (extra fat they trim off).